“My daughter, Arrinna, and I moved into our Shaw Village home in 2010.  Since then, my life has changed only for the better.  I met and married the “love of  my life,” Calvin, while working at the Xerox company.  Now Calvin and I both have moved on to bigger and better jobs, and recently we both received promotions!

I now consider myself more knowledgeable about the real estate market since becoming a homeowner.  Calvin and I agreed once we got a solid foundation, everything fell into place.  Arrinna’s life has also improved significantly since moving into her own home.  As a student at Hot Springs Intermediate, her grades have improved as well as her friendships.  Arrinna likes “having her own house and a bigger space.” 

I remember John Selig telling me not to let this house be the end, but to make sure it was just the beginning.  My family and I live by these words every day. 

Ashley Samuels