As a single mother trying to build a solid life and future for my children, I have faced many challenges. Having an affordable and safe place to live has been one of the big ones. When I first moved to Hot Springs, the only apartment complexes I could afford were noisy and dangerous. There were drugs, and it was unsafe after dark. This was no place to raise a son.

Habitat gave me the privilege and opportunity of having my own home in a safe neighborhood. During the construction of my home, I met many new friends which helped to lift my spirit. We have worked together to help each other build a strong sense of community and a safe neighborhood for our families. 

The help I received from Garland County Habitat for Humanity has gone well beyond the building of a house. The staff even taught me how to drive, giving me independence I never had before. They are always willing to offer assistance when asked. I want to thank Habitat for the help they are giving and the many blessings I have received through them.

Dulce Solis