Joseph and Justin

I am father to two sons, Joseph and Justin. Four years ago, our family went through several life changing events. Due to a divorce, I resigned from a management position in order to spend more time with my sons during a difficult transition. 

Because of my reduced income, we had to move into a studio apartment. We’ve always tried to put our trust in God and believe that through him everything will work out. A year later, things looked even worse. I wore a smile for my sons to help ensure their happiness while inside there were times I just wanted to give up. 

The turning point in our life came on Valentine’s Day 2012 when a member from the family selection committee came to our home. I remember thinking, “Great, if my Valentine’s Day wasn’t bad enough, now he is here to tell me we didn’t get approved. He just looked at me with the biggest smile and said, “Joseph, looks like y’all better get ready to move.” 

I was so excited. I remember giving him a hug. This news was truly a blessing for our family. 

On March 6, 2013 we moved in to our very first new home. My sons are now so proud to have their own rooms. Imagine three big guys all living in a studio apartment. It’s such a happy feeling knowing we all have our own space. Now we have a real yard where I can spend time throwing the ball with my sons. I get a feeling of pride when my sons ask if they can invite friends over to play when before it felt like they were ashamed of where we lived. 

Mentally and physically, Garland County Habitat for Humanity has changed my family’s life for the better. 

Joseph Ramirez