1. Applications are accepted during the annual application period. (Contact the office for the schedule)
  2. Applicant turns in application and ALL required supporting documents.
  3. Garland County Habitat calculates your income and pulls a credit report. Garland County Habitat requires a credit score above 500. Income requirements are based on the Average Median Income for Garland County.
  4. If income and credit meet Garland County Habitat’s requirements, the application will continue to be processed.
  5. Criminal background check, employment history, and rental history are verified.
  6. Family Selection Committee will contact applicant to set up a time to visit and interview at the applicant’s current residence. Everyone who will be living in the Habitat home is required to attend this home visit.
  7. Family Selection Committee reviews all applicants documents, reports, and home visit results.
  8. Family Selection Committee recommends applicant to be voted on by the Board of Directors.
  9. If applicant is approved by the Board, Partner Family starts partnering with Garland County Habitat.