Habitat’s committees are a combination of board members, staff and community members. If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please call (501) 623-5600

Development Committee – Chairs Matt Cheatham and Evan Tuchinsky

This committee is responsible for conducting fund raising drives; presentations and public appearances; supervising all books, records, accounts, and reports related to finance; and planning and conducting public relations activities.

Gala Committee is a sub-committee of development and will help plan the event this Sept.

Site Selection Committee – Chair Lance Hudnell

This committee investigates possible sites for construction of Habitat homes, explores the terms of obtaining such sites and recommends to the Board sites which the committee believes are feasible for use by the Corporation. Additionally, the committee may carry out such other activities, such as, negotiations of purchase of sites.

Family Selection Committee – Chair Mark Curry

This Committee will propose criteria for family selection, applications and questionnaires for use in, screening applicants, and plans for transmitting information to possible applicants about the availability of the Corporation’s benefits. This committee may also interview and recommend applicants to the board to be selected as “Habitat Partner Families”.

Family Support Committee – Chair Donna Garcia

This committee will serve as a liaison between each family selected, providing assistance in making allowed choices for personalizing homes and communicating these choices to the Construction Committee. The committee will assist in the home ownership courses, help monitor sweat-equity, assist in dedication ceremonies and give guidance when needed for partner families.

Construction Committee – Chair Glen Phillips

This committee will be responsible for scheduling and supervising all aspects of the actual construction of the Habitat houses. The committee is also responsible for projected future building schedules, helping to maintain the construction budget and assisting in building relationships with vendors.