• Cashier: In this position you will assist in ringing up purchases, making change, and answering phones.
  • Merchandising–In this position you assist in maintaining sections (clothing, furnishings, housewares, décor, etc), assisting customers locating purchases, and creating a unique shopping experience.
  • Donation specialist– Lots of times ReStore gains potential shoppers, volunteers, and financial donors by having an easy, no hassle, great donation experience. You will assist in receiving donations, ensure the products meet criteria for donations, complete donation receipts, and enter donation data into database.
  • Class Instructor for ReStore– Are you creative? Do you have a crafting skill that others may enjoy learning? Then this is the perfect volunteer position for you. ReStore would love to host a monthly class and you could be one of our hosts. Showcase your unique skill or talent all while showing how customers can get inexpensive items at ReStore and turn them into unique treasures.



  • Advocate – Would you be a good mentor? This position is a yearlong commitment, but don’t stop reading just yet. It will only require 3-4 hours per month. Responsibilities included are speaking via phone/email with your partner family a few times a month, having a face-to-face once a month, and helping to ensure they are on track with sweat equity hours (families are required to get 250-350 hours with up to 100 coming from friends or family). It is not necessary but the advocate can help with sweat equity hours beyond just mentoring them. Every time you meet or talk to each other that time counts towards their sweat equity hours. You help them understand the responsibilities of owning a home. They have never owned one before but will have 13 weeks of courses regarding interior and exterior maintenance, etc. We may want to attend their dedication of the new home. Think of it as helping a grown child with their new home. They will have questions regarding insurance, maintenance, budgeting, etc. Even though you may not know all the answers you will be able to guide them based on your past experiences as a home owner. This is a very rewarding experience and several advocates have remained friends with their partner families for years after.
  • Teachers – Habitat offers a  series of Homeownership courses which include topics such as budgeting, escrow, mortgages, interior and exterior maintenance, landscaping, and much more. Even if you’re not an expert in any of these fields, we have a curriculum that can be taught as is or modified to suit your teaching style.

To see what Non-Construction Volunteer opportunities are available please contact Mary Christians at (501) 922-8456 or